Message 'from' Chairman

Human resource is the most precious asset of a nation, playing a key role in its progress and prosperity. The material resources of a country can be exploited only by development of this resource. The foundation stone of the endevour is laid down by education of all men and women comprising the nation because acquisition of knowledge is the basis of progress in every field of human activity . The explosion of knowledge in science and technology unleashed in the 20th century is continuing relentlessly. Knowledge based economy has become the order of the day and artificial intelligence seems to be poised to outsmart the human mind.

Pakistan with its colonial heritage had a poor base of mass education. The constitution of Pakistan mandates free formal education to all children between the ages of 5-16th yrs. and enhancement of adult literacy. The Millennial Development Goals target universal primary education to all. However Pakistan over the past seven decades has succeeded to achieve the targets only partially. Its national literacy rate is 70% among males and 48 % in the female population. Million of school –age boys and girls are still out in the streets employed in child labour.

The state alone cannot take the entire load. Public private partnership with active participation of the civil society and the corporate sector sharing the responsibility under government stewardship is the only way to meet challenges of this gigantic task. Child Care foundation is making a modest effort in this regard. It is hoped that the philanthropists in the country will come forward to further patronize and support the humanitarian cause.

Lt. General (R) M. AFZAL NAJEEB