Students Success Stories


A living example of courage & determination
Miss Iqra Rehman is presently a student of MSc Math at Punjab University Lahore and an officer at NLC. Iqra in her interview with CEO CCF stated that ten years back, she and her family used to live in a highly marginalized community of Sheikhupura district Mohallah Shafiq Nagar Mandi Safdarabad.
Her father was a Government primary school teacher in Lahore and could not afford the educational expenses of his own children due to his poor financial position. The poor domestic situation compelled her and her siblings to child labour. She mentioned that it was not less than a miracle when as a result of its survey CCF established a Non-Formal Primary School in her community for working children and provided her and her siblings plus other children of the area the opportunity of 100% free primary level education cycle 36 months and then to appear under Govt supervised Final Primary Exam to get mainstreamed with CCF support. According to Iqra, her urge for further education enabled her to pass Matric, F.SC and B.SC Exam with good grades. Finally she joined MSC Math’s department of world-recognized Punjab University New Campus Lahore. Miss Iqra feels highly indebted to CCF for its continuous support in changing her life in becoming a truly empowered young woman.


A Perfect Case of Motivation and Empowerment
My name is Miss. Amna Yousaf and I live in Mohallah Shafiq Nagar Mandi Safdar Abad District Sheikhupura. I belong to a very poor carpet weaving family and started working on looms installed in my home at a tender age with my two younger sisters. As I grew up, I started observing other children going to schools. I use to cry in silence because I could not afford school education. In 1998 CCF project team visited my house and convinced my parents to send my younger sisters and me to a newly established CCF school. After great hesitation my parents allowed us to join CCF Free Non-Formal Primary School that was setup at our doorstep. It was a rare opportunity for me to seek school education; therefore I worked very hard and passed my Primary Exam in 2002 and joined GOVT school with CCF support. Soon I passed Middle in 2005, Matric in 2007, F.A in 2009 and finally cleared my B.A Exam in 2011. Presently, I am working as a teacher at CCF school Shafiq Nagar Mandi Safdar Abad District Sheikhupura. I never thought that I would ever serve the same school as a teacher where I was a student once. I just want to say that CCF has pulled me out of the darkness of illiteracy, into light. Now I am on the path of self-reliance through education. My two younger sisters are also serving the same school as teachers from last three years. I attribute my entire success to Child Care Foundation.


How Education Changes Lives of Neglected Children: A True Story
Umar Butt belongs to a very poor family where school education was a mere dream. He was six when his father died and his mother had no alternate other than of a domestic maid to sustain her chidlren. Omar often use to accompany his mother to her workplace and feel sorry to observe well-off children of his age group going to school wearing smart uniforms which he could afford due to poverty.
When he turned eight, on his cousin’s advice and his mother’s approval he joined CCF School Dhaban Kalan where his cousin was already studying. Umar remembers the day he entred the school was just like a dream for him. Therefore, he wasted no time and worked hard to pass primary exam from CCF School Dhaban Kalan in 2007 and got mainstreamed for higher studies. Using the streetlights in the village, he passed matriculation exam securing good marks and won a solar panel from Chief Minister of the Punjab and also won Rs. 20,000 scholarship for further studies. His thirst for further education continued. He joined Punjab Group of Colleges Faisalabad and passed F.SC Exam securing good marks. Presently, Umar Butt is a student of BSc. Chemical Engineering at Punjab University. The success story of Umar doesn’t end here. Umar Butt is also a very good player of Football. Today he is playing for WAPDA Football Team. He owes all his accomplishments to Child Care Foundation that enabled him to change his life according to his dreams.


Once a child labourer, and today an economically empowered young man
Amir Sadiq belongs to a financially crippled family of a highly marginalized area of Sheikhupura District. His father was a drug addict and his family was living in a miserable condition where all his siblings were forced to child labour. Amir from childhood was very fond of seeking school education. It was his sheer good luck when CCF as a result of its field survey set-up a Non-Formal Primary School in his vicinity Bhikki, Sheikhupura.
He soon joined the free CCF school with his mother’s support. Being a very hard working student, he passed final primary exam in 2003 from CCF School and got mainstreamed. In 2008, he passed Matric Exam from Govt. High School Bhikki District Sheikhupura in good grades. During his holidays he joined computer center and completed some computer courses and also passed F.A. exam privately. His interest in computers led him to acquiring a diploma in computers and mobile hardware. His deep interest in computers motivated him to open up his own computer and mobile phone repair and hardware shop in Sheikhupura. He earned a good reputation and soon he succeeded in going to Malaysia. Now he is an economically empowered young person helping his mother in Pakistan who attributes the entire success of his son Amir Sadiq to Child Care Foundation of Pakistan.


Once a child labourer now an economically empowered young woman (in her own words)
“I belong to a poor carpet weaving family of Mohallah Shafiq Nagar Mandi Safdar Abad District Sheikhupura. I was always very keen to go to school like other children. But I could not materialize my dream due to financial restraints. One fine morning, CCF team visited my home and briefed my parents about free primary education at CCF School Safdar Abad.
Initially my parents rejected the idea, but as a result of repeated visits of CCF teams in my area I finally succeeded in convincing my parents to send me to school when I was eight years old. Soon my life started changing. I completed my primary level education from CCF School in 2002. Then joined a government school to complete my remaining education and finally passed my Matric exam in 2007. In 2008, I took admission in ‘Vocational Training Institute’ Safdar Abad and got a Diploma in Dress Making. Later I was appointed as an Instructor VTI Safdar Abad for Dress Making Classes. Now I am working as In-charge Dress Making Department and earning around Rs. 30,000/- per month. I often remember those days when my old father became ill and my family starved for food. In my childhood, Child Care Foundation was the only ray of hope that continuously helped me in changing my life. I am really thankful to CCF for everything and especially teaching me that life is not a bed of roses but a constant struggle for improvement and self-reliance.”