Formal Primary Education Program & Schools

In addition to Non-Formal Schools, CCF is presently running 21 Formal Primary / Middle Schools in five districts of Central Punjab including: Attock, Nankana Sahib, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad and Gujranwala. Thousands of underprivileged children and their siblings are getting completely free quality education from these schools.

CCF Flagship Formal Schools

CCF Sangla Hill School Nankana Sahib is a benchmark for other schools in the area. The school was built on a large area of land in April 1998 to bring working children out of the loop of poverty and child labour. It was built by PCMEA our strategic partner. The school started with a single class of 35 children and soon housed more than 500 students at different times in the past. Thousands of underprivileged children benefitted from this school. Presently, 317 children are enrolled as PEF–EVS children and are being provided quality education.

CCF Kamokey Primary School in Gujranwala district

managed by Child Care Foundation. It is a purpose-built school with the capacity to acommodate approximately 400 children.
Presently with PEF support, 422 deserving children of the area are being educated with 100% free quality education. To meet the growing demand of local community, the second campus of CCF Kamokey Primary School was set-up in 2015, in order to accommodate 100+ siblings of children enrolled in Kamokey School .

CCF Attock Primary School

was set-up in the year 2000 with the help of Feizi Carpets USA and their local partner in Lahore, Usman Carpets. The school has benefitted several thousand deprived children of the Attock district. Presently 180 children are enrolled in this CCF school and are getting quality education with the support of PEF.
Continuous help from Usman Carpets enables the Attock school to meet all its development expenses.